Patrick Bahr Associate Professor, IT University of Copenhagen


If you are interested in having me supervise your project or Master’s thesis, contact me via email. I am particularly interested in projects that involve compilers, type systems, functional programming, domain-specific languages, and formal verification.

You are strongly encouraged to form groups of two (or even three) because group projects are much more likely to work out well and complete on time.

Project Ideas

Below are some ideas for Master’s theses, bachelor projects and other projects for students at the IT University of Copenhagen.

Functional Reactive Programming without Memory-Leaks

Implement a functional reactive programming language (parser, type-checker, and interpreter) that statically guarantees memory efficiency.

Optimising Compiler

Implement an optimising compiler (parser, type-checker, data-flow analysis, code generator) for a C-like language.

Analysing Formal Contracts

Implement a formal language for expressing financial contracts along with tool to analyse contracts expressed in this language. Such analyses may include contract pricing, property-based testing, and contract simplification.