That's me


I am a postdoc at the IT University of Copenhagen working with Rasmus M√łgelberg guarded recursion.

Brief Bio

After studying Computer Science and Computational Logic at Dresden University of Technology and Vienna University of Technology, I did my PhD under the supervision of Fritz Henglein at the University of Copenhagen. My PhD research was focused on rewriting systems and domain-specific languages and contributed to the 3gERP project. I then worked as a postdoc on a research project seeking to exploit modularity in programming langauges for compiler implementations and formal reasoning. During this project I worked at the University of Copenhagen, the University of Nottingham, and Utrecht University, and I collaborated with the HIPERFIT research center to develop formally verified financial software.

Research Areas

  • Functional programming
  • Compiler verification
  • Type theory
  • Rewriting systems, in particular infinitary rewriting
  • Formal methods


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